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What we do

Drop Web Solutions is a privately owned and run limited company that specialises in developing high quality websites and applications using Linux or IIS, Apache/ LiteSpeed and PHP, frame-worked with Laravel, data storage handled by MySQL, MSSQL and Solr enhanced with CSS/ SASS, AJAX, JSON, Javascript (jQuery/ Vue).

Full Stack

We provide full service development, from initial design, planning, development, hosting and support.

Beyond Expectations

We aim to exceed expectations, providing first class customer support and care.

Attention to Detail

It's often the little things that make the difference, we'll identify them and see that they are managed.

Some of what we have achieved..

We currently maintain active sites, we've completed over 25 projects, and have over 20 years experience working with PHP.

Active Domains


Years PHP Experience


These are some of the domains and websites held, developed and managed by Drop Web Solutions

  Site URL .com .co.uk .info .net .help
1) 404 Checker 404checker.com
2) Currency Index currency-index.com
3) Drop Web (co.uk) dropweb.co.uk
4) Drop Web (net) dropweb.net
5) Drop Web Solutions dropwebsolutions.com
6) Here's A Link heresalink.com
7) Look Up And Wonder lookupandwonder.com
8) Maths Help maths.help
9) Patent News patentnews.co.uk
10) Paxcroft Farm paxcroft.co.uk
11) Stock Pocketbook stockpocketbook.com
12) Technology News technology-news.co.uk
13) Tic Toe Tac tictoetac.com
14) WebsiteDirectory website-directory.com
15) What is a Browser? whatisabrowser.info
16) Wherever Now wherevernow.com
17) Which End Bites whichendbites.com


James Gray

Owner & Founder


Please use the form below to contact us about any issue regarding our websites or business proposals and ideas. If you'd like a quote for development work, please include as much detail as possible and make sure that you include a suitable way for us to contact you as well as your usual email address.


West Sussex, United Kingdom

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